welcome to the Bailis Lab: serving up new ways to approach human health.

Our Research

At the Bailis Lab, we want to learn how diet and metabolism control how the immune system behaves so we can better understand human health. Combining CRISPR screening, next-generation sequencing technologies, and metabolomics we aim to illuminate how the biochemistry of immune cells is as important as the genes they express. Our current major areas of focus are to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying:

1) how single-cell differences in metabolism control immune cell programming; 2) how immune cells adapt to dynamic nutrient environments and how this adaptation patterns future potential; 3) how chronic malnutrition dysregulates immune responses.


Our Mission

The Bailis Lab seeks to turn what we and our cells eat into the next generation of therapeutics. Life is simply a set of self-perpetuating chemical reactions. We hope that by understanding how our diets change the chemical environment our cells live in and how the metabolism of our cells controls how they behave enables us to design diet- and metabolite-based treatments for disease.

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Our People

Come meet the metaBailites!

We’re a collaborative and relentlessly curious crew, who love metabolism as much as we love eating.